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Welcome to The TomBobBlender Show!

We are an ambitious community of gamers who celebrate the video gaming culture spanning the limitless spectrum of gameplay of our past and present games and consoles. We generate an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere of all who visit, and hope you return to see us often! Newcomers are always welcome, and if you join the room and the stream host does not welcome you, call us out on it! We'll make it up to you! Please become familiar with our rules to ensure an excellent experience here.

Easily View from Ustream, Twitch or Hitbox!

We have designed our website into your one-stop place to enjoy the show! We offer you three different sources to view the stream: Ustream, Twitch and Hitbox. The default video player is Ustream, which tends to have a huge delay. Our viewers recommend using Hitbox for the most real-time experience. To toggle between the three, hover your mouse over the video and click on "+ Controls". Choose between these video streams at any time without the need to refresh the page.

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