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suggestions for the Minecraft Server

Post by Techgamer » Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:17 am

Ok so I was thinking on a 100% server redo (if it’s possible),
I’ve been Playing on the Minecraft Server for a while and have come across a few loopholes and I think these can be Exploited and make the server unfair, I have come up with a list of plugins (which are below) that can make the server better in terms of the Survival gamemode here what my plan is.

#1 Plugins:
Core Protect: this plugins will allow the mods and owner to see who griefed,placed blocks and roll back a players placed block just incase say if someone say 1 hour ago stole from a build the mods can see who took the block punish them and bring the blocks back.

LWC: this plugin is very widely use on most survival server to lock chests to the person who placed them they can be only opened by the player who placed them and the mods,They can also be /cmodify to allow other player to access the chest be warned doing /cunlockall or /cremoveall will open all the players chests for everyone to see.

Stargate: this mod is what it saids it allow a player to go from A to B Instantly, this will also allow the owner and mods to build a Portal Hub where all the portal to all the Communities and Builds that are on the server normal Players can buy a portal for their Communities/Builds for a set Price in Ores (Diamond,Iron,Lapis or Gold Blocks) these will only be able to be built by the mods & Owner.

Essentials: a Must needed Plugin for any server.

WorldBorder: This Plugin can be used to stop Players from going too far say if the worldborder is set to 8000 blocks by 8000 Blocks the player will not be able to further than -/+ 8000 helping the server to not lag every time Minecraft updates say 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 we update the world border by 1000.

Multiverse & multiverse netherPortals: These plugins only work atm for 1.6.4. these plugins allow multiple worlds & the multiverse netherportals will allow a 1 to 1 nether meaning more space in the nether for everyone to get ores,Supplies,build and fight mobs.

WorldEdit: Mods & owner use only
That concludes my list of plugins.
Now Plugins that I think that need to be removed from the server.

AFK Booter: this plugin can be very bad in times when the Minecraft logins are down and sessions if these go anyone who leaves the server can’t get back in, Say If I needed to go and make some food or get a drink the server would have booted me off the server then I couldn’t get back on until Mojang have fixed the problem.
I don’t know what the name of the Plugin is but It’s the plugin or feature that allows the player to claim land this plugin/feature this is horrible this can lead to Player claiming far too much land to the point where no-one can build at all this is unfair to newer players who have to go thousands of block to find a very small area (small meaning less than 500 blocks), The only thing I would do is have a rule saying you must be 500+ Blocks away from communities and Builds of a large nature this will make the server far easier to find open land, Also if anyone does build within 500 blocks of someone’s build or community without permission they can tell a mod and the mod can make them move or show them a open land that’s outside the 500 block limit.

#2: New rules.

I have been thinking of some new rules just for the Minecraft Server, Below are the rules I was thinking that we could use:
Rule 1: Don’t Bug Tom, Seriously, Don’t let me remind you he’s God.
Rule 2: Ask Google before asking the mods, Google will have the answer that the mods may not have, this is mainly for stuff like what’s the best mod to use for minimap and so on and so forth.
Rule 3: No game changing mods, No flying,X-ray,No nonsense, Play Vanilla, Map mods are okay as long as they do not help you find ores, If you have a question about whether a mod is ok, Please do ask, It’s better to ask then to find yourself banned.
Rule 4: No Griefing If you didn’t build it don’t alter it, This could get you Jailed for 2-5 hours or Banned, This also includes killing,shearing or freeing other people’s fenced in animals,Griefing in Portal Hub will get you a 6-7 hours Jailed or banned.
Rule 5: (This rule still stands) Don’t ask for ranks When Tom & the Mods think you are capable of handling a higher Tier than “Member” we will let you know.
Rule 6: Don’t ask Mods for Stuff, you won’t get them, If you want something you will have to go and find it yourself or with other players.
Rule 7: (This rule still stands) Publicly ask someone before “Helping” them,While It’s ok to help others construct.
Rule 8: Fill in Creeper holes (this is prevented by a plugin that I think should be turned off), No one want to fall down a creeper hole/crater every time you're walking around, you made him mad It's your responsibility and just like your first pet, It’s your job to clean it up.
Rule 9: Don’t Spam the Chat, If no one answers you the first time wait a while before asking again,also dying for the funsies or being killed by a buddy also count’s as spam.
Rule 10: Don’t build structures that: forces mob spawners to create more mobs than normal
Funnel mobs to a space where they can glich through wall and ceilings
And Auto killers.
All these can cause lag on the server which is bad for everyone.
And Rule 11: All stream Rule Apply

3# New World

I’m thinking if these new Plugins and Rules are put in place we should start a new world just for this Event and if the current mods need help I can help.

4# Permissions

Now to the permission for all the Ranks,
Admin: Admin’s get the whole permissions for everything, from making stargate’s to unbanning players.
Mods: Mods have a little less than the Admins, Mods will have the permission to Ban players, teleport, use the /vanish command, make portals, go into creative mode in survival game this is for minor griefing and returning destroyed Blocks for players and able to use worldedit for building Portal Hub.
Members: members are the bog standard Players, only able to build 100% vanilla apart from using Portals.
Non-members: Non-members are people who just joined the server these Players have no permission to do anything until they are move into the members group.

Other Stuff
The World: ok for the start of this new world the server world should be set at 10,000 Blocks, so that 20,000 blocks to play with, A 500 block no build zone should be set for Portal Hub this is for everyone but mods and admins, Jails will be in Portal Hub as well, also there can be a Hub house where it has info about each mod/admin.

Other Worlds: nothing will happen to the other worlds (Creative,Old World)

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