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This is a list of rules and guidelines for The TomBobBlender Show Community. Due to the nature of online communities and people in general, this is not a strict list of what is punishable, but rather a list of what is, in general, expected of our members and anyone participating in the show. Because of this, interpretation of our rules and what is bannable is up to the discretion of the moderation team with the final word on all issues coming from Tom himself.


Inappropriate Language

Inappropriate language, meaning any language that is commonly found offensive, is not tolerated. Measures have been taken to ensure common such language is taken care of automatically and you will be removed from the community for any infractions of this rule.

Disruptive Behavior

Any behavior that causes a significant amount of unrest or disruption in the community is prohibited. A few examples are bullying, flooding, spamming, and flaming, though such behavior is not exclusively limited to these categories.


The posting of URLs in the community chatroom is limited to approval by a chatroom operator and must be "safe for work." You are responsible for the content on the website at the posted URL.


Every user has a right to privacy, so posting sensitive information about another user is prohibited and is a serious offense. No tolerance is given for violation of this rule.


Due to anti-piracy laws in the United States, the sharing of warez and warez sources is strictly prohibited in this community.

Accounts and Nicknames

While in the community, you may not have any alternate accounts designed to disguise or decieve and only one account may be active at any given time. The use of multple accounts to evade bans is a serious offense and any abuse associated with proxies or vhosts will be reported to the chat network staff.

Ban Policies

Standard ban policy is a 15 minute ban for the first offense and double the last ban time for any bans thereafter, unless the offense merits a different punishment.

Getting yourself banned in order to leave the chatroom for any reason unless done so under the rules of a chatroom game (e.g. Banhammer Roulette) will almost always result in a minimum 24 hour ban. This is under the reasoning that the banned user does not expect to return any time soon and would not be affected by a standard ban.

If you have any concerns, questions, complaints, or feedback, please contact TomBobBlender. We advise you do NOT approach a moderator with such issues.

Discord and Cohosts

Permission and Authorization

All users must be authorized to join the broadcast. You may gain authorization from Tom by asking permission in the stream chatroom (#tombobblender on Discord) before joining the broadcast. Once Tom has give you permission to join, you may join the broadcast. Please do not expect to get permission simply because you asked. Many factors including the current number of cohosts, your knowledge of the current game, your chemistry with current cohosts, and your past cohosting performance may affect Tom's decision and Tom has no obligation to allow you on his show.


Cohosts without special permissions must use push-to-talk for communication and may only transmit while speaking. This helps reduce background noise from being transmitted on air. Suggested push-to-talk keys are the grave/backtick key, Mouse 3/4/5, or one of your numpad keys. Please do not use typing characters for push-to-talk as it may result in unwanted transmission while typing. USB foot pedals can be purchased to facilitate push-to-talk while playing multiplayer games with the stream.

Conversation, Language, Tone, and Volume


The content of our show is important to us. As such, your conversations must be directly related to the content on the stream. This does not include anecdotes about something that happened while you were playing the game currently being played or reasons why Tom should be playing your favorite game instead. Please also refrain from shifting the topic of the conversation too rapidly or drifting too far off topic. Doing so will disengage our viewers.

If you must have a one-on-one conversation with one of our community members, please do so in text and avoid having the conversation on air. Please do not let side-conversations draw your attention away from the show. Instead, consider asking the other party if you can have the conversation later.


Please refrain from vulgar language on air and keep conversations professional. Our show is meant to be viewed by everyone and should offend as few people as reasonably possible. If you wouldn't say something at work or in front of grandma, think twice about saying it here.


Your tone of voice is important to the tone of the broadcast. Most people don't want to hear offensive tones. Please refrain from expressing intense anger or disappointment on air. Mild frustration at a loss is perfectly acceptable while rage is not.

In addition, please do not direct anger at Tom, your fellow cohosts, or other community members. If you find yourself in a state where communication would result in rage or targeted anger, please remove yourself from the broadcast channel.


Please respect the ears of our viewers and mind your volume. Many of our viewers wear headphones, so you need not project your voice for them to hear you well.


The stream, community, and your fellow cohosts require your full and undivided attention. Please do not engage in other activities while cohosting. While cohosting, you must be viewing the stream, which must be muted to avoid background noise, and you must be paying attention to the chat. Exceptions to this are made for those actively playing multiplayer games with us.

Listening to the Chat

The chat is just as much a part of the on-air conversation as you are, so please include them. While cohosting, please do not read the chat aloud and avoid commenting on chat statements unless they are particularly noteworthy. Please do try to answer questions made in the chat in a helpful and unoffensive tone.

Listening to Fellow Cohosts

Your fellow cohosts likely wish to speak as well, so please do not hog all of the air-time. Be mindful of other speakers and listen for their voice in case they wish to add to the conversation. On that same token, please be mindful of the current speaker's thought and do not interject where it would be inconvenient for them to return to it.

Offensive Behavior and Behind-the-Scenes activity

Please do not draw attention to offensive behavior or operator activity. We do our best to manage the community so that others can feel safe and welcome. Drawing attention to offensive behavior and the response of our team gives the behavior in question notoriety and credibility and only encourages that behavior in the future.

Reservation to Restrict Cohosting Ability

Please understand that your ability to cohost is a privilege that we are not obligated to grant to you. As such, we may opt to not grant this privilege to you or revoke it for any reason.

Code of Conduct

We at The TomBobBlender Show expect all of our users to behave in a manner that is respectable, reputable, and kind. Unfortunately, some people lack the faculties to properly deduce what that kind of behavior is. Therefore, as an amendment to our rules and policies, we have added a code of conduct to inform users of what we expect. Even if you believe you have a firm grasp on what we expect, we encourage you to read it as this is the basis for what constitutes disruptive behavior, though it is not meant to be strictly enforced.

Internet Groups and Fandoms

We in the staff of The TomBobBlender Show try our best to be fair and open about all internet groups and fandoms so long as they do not aim to or actually hurt anybody. Be you a trekkie, furry, sailor moon fan, or brony, we'll respect you and your fandom. Therefore, we ask that all of our members do the same. In general, this means holding your tongue when someone brings up a particular fandom you disagree with.

On that token, we would also like to point out that The TomBobBlender Show Community is not a fan club and although we allow discussions of almost any variety, as long as it's not causing any trouble, we encourage you to not to break the flow of conversation with the subject of your fandom.

Ban Discussion

The discussion of bans, though not strictly prohibited, is highly discouraged as it may provoke heated responses from some chat members. If you have any questions regarding bans, please contact Tom or a chatroom operator. If it is your ban you wish to discuss and you have a complaint about it, please contact Tom.

Religion and Politics

Religion and politics are always the topic of debate in the modern world, however, they are also a large soft spot for a lot of people. This makes religion and politics a bad topic for the chatroom as we have users from around the world.

Complaints Against the Show

If you have any complaints, please do not bring them into the chatroom. Instead, consider contacting Tom, Foxtrot200, or a chatroom operator privately.

Mature Topics

At times, the chatroom discussion may turn to a mature subject. Mature topics are not prohibited in The TomBobBlender Show Chatroom, so if you're a parent, we advise carefully monitoring your child's access to the chatroom and even joining them there. To make it easy to participate in the chatroom, we have setup a Mibbit web IRC client on the website's home page, however, if you would rather use another IRC client, feel free to connect to or on port 6667 and join #TomBobBlender.

Rational Discussion

We encourage rational discussion at all times and usually allow conversations of discouraged topics to run if everyone is being civilized. However, if people seem to be getting upset, depending on the circumstances at hand, we may either ask the offended users to look away from the chatroom for a while or we may ask for the conversation to be ended and the subject changed. Please understand that this, in most cases, is not because the subject isn't allowed, but because it is causing problems.

Notes for automated bot bans

Offense Voiced Users Unvoiced Users
Excessive Caps devoiced for five (5) minutes ten (10) minute ban
Repeated Text devoiced for one (1) minute kick from the room
Flooding (5 lines in 7 seconds) devoiced for one (1) minute five (5) minute ban