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The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft server is a Minecraft game server hosted by Minecraft Bread.


First Launch

The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft Server officially opened on February 13th, 2011 as a semi-vanilla survival server running on the Bukkit server software and was hosted by Xenon Server. When it started, the server had only basic functionality such as general admin commands such as /give, /kick, and /ban and a set of plugins to aid in combatting griefers such as WorldGuard and WorldEdit to disallow the modification of certain regions.

Acquisition of Features

Throughout its life, The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft server gained and lost features as Minecraft and Bukkit went from version to version. Some of the more significant features are

  • Virtual economy systems
  • Skill and leveling systems
  • Writable books (before they were implemented in the official game)
  • The Nether (before it was implemented in the official multiplayer server)
  • Warps
  • Logging plugins
  • Plugins to aid in the creation of rail and redstone systems.

Many of these features were later discarded at some point to favor a more survival oriented game type.


As the server grew older, it lost more and more activity until around the server's one year anniversary, TomBobBlender was met with a tight budget caused by moving and living expenses and was forced to stop payments on the Minecraft server resulting in its closure on Xenon Servers. Prior to its removal from the service, its files were downloaded for use at a later date.

Second Launch

On Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, approximately 10 months after the server's closure, TomBobBlender made the decision to purchase another Minecraft server for his community. With the help of the previous administrator of the server, Foxtrot200, The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft Server was revived with a different world and a new set of server plugins, performing similar tasks to the now outdated plugins that ran on the old server.

Current State

The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft Server is currently running and healthy on MinecraftBread.net. It features plugins for general purpose commands, world protection, world management, and an online map.


Below is a table of plugins currently in use by The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft Server.

Name Description Type
BananaChunk Fixes chunk errors caused by network issues. Fix
CFBanner Sends instructions to popular Minecraft cheat mods to disable themselves. Protection
ChatManager Manages incoming chat messages according to player permissions and formatting settings. Chat
CommandBook Provides general purpose commands for easy server management. General, Teleportation, Administration
Dynmap Provides an online map of the server's worlds. Map
GriefPrevention Blocks various known griefing techniques and allows players to protect their land and structures. Protection
HawkEye Logs various types of player activity. Administration
LWC Allows players to lock various types of blocks such as doors, signs, furnaces, and chests. Protection
Modifyworld Manages the modification of the world based on user permissions. Protection
Multiinv Creates separate inventories for each world on the server. Miscellaneous
Multiverse Suite Manages worlds and portals. World Management
NickNamer Allows players to change the name the server uses to represent them in text. Miscellaneous
PermissionsEx Manages player permissions. Administration
PlotMe Assigns and protects plots in a creative mode world. Protection, World Generation
RuleRewards Rewards players for reading and accepting the rules. On The TomBobBlender Show Minecraft Server, the player is rewarded with Member rank, allowing them to build. Administration
SlotsReserver Limits the amount of players allowed on the server and provides a way for users to bypass these limits. Administration
Tele++ Provides various commands for teleportation. Teleportation
VoxelSniper Provides tools for advanced world modification. World Editing
WorldEdit Provides tools for world modification. Also provides an API for plugins to use for region selection. World Editing, API
WorldGuard Creates and manages world events within worlds and regions. Protection, Administration


Current Operator Foxtrot200
Hostname minecraft.tombobblender.com
Port 25565 (Default)
Game Version 1.4.5
Software Version Craftbukkit Beta 1.4.5-R0.2