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Nintendo Beadart used perler beads to create art figures from your favorite 8 bit or 16 bits video games. These beadarts were made live on the stream with the opportunity of viewer participation to figure out what video game character or sprite object was being created with these beads. The participant that figured out the beadart correctly first won dragon points.

List Of Beadart Creations

Beadart Name Game Reference
Spiny Super Mario Brothers
Koopa Super Mario Brothers
Star Super Mario Brothers
Meat The Legend of Zelda
Luigi Super Mario Brothers
Key The Legend of Zelda
Link The Legend of Zelda 2
Mushroom power-up Super Mario Brothers
Cherry Super Mario Brothers 2
Mystery Pot Kid Icarus
Dog Mario Paint
Fever virus Dr Mario
L Tetrimino Tetris
Link Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past
Ninten Mother (Earthbound Zero)
Boat Mario Paint
Mr. Saturn Mother 2 (Earthbound)
Cheep-cheep Super Mario Brothers
Stalfos The Legend Of Zelda
Heart Container The Legend Of Zelda
Pit Kid Icarus
Popo Ice Climbers
Bob Bubble Bobble
Bub Bubble Bobble
Metaul Mega Man
Goriya The Legend Of Zelda
Old Man The Legend Of Zelda
Octorock The Legend Of Zelda
King Koopa (Bowser) Super Mario Brothers
Splash Woman Mega Man 9
Goomba Super Mario Brothers
Strong Bad
Eddie Mega Man 3
Varia Suit Metroid
Raccoon Mario Super Mario Brothers 3
Samus Metroid
Shyguy Super Mario Brothers 2
Flute/Whistle Super Mario Brothers 3
Cat Mario Paint
Z Tetrimino Tetris
Map The Legend Of Zelda
Excite Biker Excitebike
Ladd Spencer Bionic Commando
Duck Duck Hunt
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Yoshi Super Mario World
The Kid I Wanna Be The Guy
Mega Man Mega Man
Ms. Pac-man Ms. Pacman
Boomerang The Legend Of Zelda
Airplane Mario Paint
Proto Man Mega Man 3
Grim Reaper Kid Icarus
Bubble Man Mega Man 2
Ice Wand Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past
Simon Belmont Castlevania
Kirby Kirby's Adventure
Ness Mother 2 (Earthbound)
Nintendo logo
Princess Toadstool Super Mario Brothers
Papa Doki Doki Panic