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The TomBobBlender Show premieres a new event called "TomBobFanFiction Presents", celebrating the ability to host multiple people at once, by reading internet fanfiction, with the debut of a Metroid/Resident Evil 4 crossover.

Metroid Fanfiction

The first episode of "TomBobFanFiction Presents" began the start of Game Over from Thursday, December 2, 2010. Metroid-themed music was provided along with a custom stream slide (created 12-2-10 10:30P PT). Readers included TomBobBlender and TheYokai.

Fanfiction Game Series Author Description Time Read
Ridleys story but waitSamus And LEON! Metroid ResidentEvilMetroidgrl04 This is a Resident Evil Metroid Cross over! Hope you like it!

Pokemon FanFiction

continuing on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at the start of Game Over with a slide made that very moment (12-5-10 12:01A PT). This was the most horrific, yet memorable reading of our Fanfic adventures. Too much for TomBobBlender to stomach, Magic_cake and company attempt to finish the reading. The Sonic Fanfiction slide was created on 12-5-10 10:36P PT.

Fanfiction Game Series Author Description Time Read
Misty's Capture Pokemon Omalley99 Misty has grown into a beautiful young girl, what happens when one trainer wants that beauty for himself? Rated M for lemons, lots and lots of lemons.
Pikachu in Heaven Pokemon Snowfoxz Ash finds a device that changes his life. PikachuXAsh MayXDawn 2010-12-15 01:51 ET

Sonic Fanfiction

Fanfiction Game Series Author Description Time Read
romantic attic Sonic Manicewriter88 AMy and Sonic get stuck in the Attic, and well one thig turnes into another SonAmy lemon ONESHOT 2010-12-13 02:09 ET
Halloween! Sonic Infinity-formlesstree4 Sonic, Amy, and Tails go out on Halloween night, but things end differently then they used to. Rated M for sex! 2010-12-13 02:29 ET
A Steamy Summer Day Sonic T1Weasel Sonic, Tails, and Amy are watching TV at Amy's house on a hot August day when Sonic finally confesses his feelings to Amy. Once he does, not even the air conditioner can keep the heat down in the house. MATURE READERS ONLY! 2010-12-13 02:59 ET
First Date Sonic Infinity-XxSonicShadowXx Sonic, Sonic decides to call up Shadow to hang out just as "buddies" as a celebration for Shadow defeating Black Doom, but will it turn out to be something more? SONADOW. Don't like, don't read. Simple. Rated M for LEMON. ONE-SHOT! 2010-12-13 04:20 ET
What Shadow Wants Sonic GivenAnythingButLove Yay, it's Shadow's birthday! But there's just one problem: Sonic doesn't know what Shadow wants, and the answer that he gets later that night is a shocking one. M for lemon and strong language. Sonadow oneshot. 2010-12-10 03:14 ET
Becoming Closer Sonic Infinity SaoriKaoruMiller Sonic is just out an about enjoying his day when Tails invites him to a party in 4 hours in attempt to find something to do he is bestowed with a game with no title and invites Amy to play it with him what will happen. Read and Review to find out. 2010-12-15 03:12 ET
Love By The Moonlight Sonic Infinity Skippy the Intolerant Lesbian Sonic has a secret. One that changes him on the night of the full moon. After a year of dating he has yet to tell his boyfriend. Well, tonight, he takes that leap of faith. What will Shadow think? 2010-12-15 04:18 ET


EarthBound Fanfiction Slide (12-3-10 5:42 PM PT)

Zelda Fanfic Slide made 12-5-10 10:26P PT

[2010-12-06 02::14:07] PulseLane: !settopic TomBobFiction Presents: Zelda Fanfiction Reading! 2010-12-06 02::00:25] PulseLane: !settopic TomBobFiction Presents: Sonic Fanfiction Reading!

[2010-12-10 03::14:13] Grifforzer: !settopic TomBobFiction - Sonic Fanfiction (What Shadow Wants)

Mario Fanfic (12-5-10 10:50P PT) Brawl Fanfic (12-5-10 10:50P PT)

[2010-12-07 02::23:44] TheYokai: !settopic Tombobfiction presents Super Smash Brother Brawl Fanfiction

PaRappaTheRapper Fanfic (12-14-10 10:27P PT) Goku Hitler Fanfic (12-14-10 11:36P PT)