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"TomBobTheatre Presents" was a brief segment that featured the vocal talents of community members as we read an entire movie script, narrations included. It began on Thursday November 11, 2010.

"TomBobTheatre Presents" is a new segment dedicated to reading/acting out movie scripts available on the internet. The segment is on every Friday night beginning at 12 AM EST.

TBB Theatre: Clue Cast: Wadsworth: AncientGuru Yvette: Auricann Mrs Ho (The Cook): TomBobBlender Colonel Mustard: Maverick-hunter Mrs. White: Moltres146 Miss Scarlet: jazzyrhythms Prof. Plum: Pelord Mrs. Peacock: Moltres146 Mr. Green: XMentalX23 Mr. Boddy: Auricann Motorist: TomBobBlender Cop: XMentalX23 Singing Telegram Girl: TomBobBlender Evengelist/Chief: Auricann Narrator: MrRayKoma
Date Movie Title
11-11-10 Ghostbusters
11-19-10 The Lion King
11-26-10 -
12-02-10 The Little Mermaid
12-10-10 Aladdin
12-17-10 Beauty and the Beast
01-22-11 Toy Story
02-04-11 Clue
02-18-11 The Incredibles